I love my NEX but...

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Re: I agree with your sentiment but...

SpamJavelin wrote:

Hi all.

I really like the portability and great image quality from my NEX5n but the price premium for the smaller size is getting on my nerves. I have bought a few lenses on top of the 16mm pancake and 18-55 that came with it. I have 55-210 plus the Sigma 30 and a bunch of legacy primes. I'm now looking for something that can be used as a better IQ walk-around lens that's also suitable for video but that only leaves me with the new 18-105 (not available yet, massive and £500) or the £800 16-70mm Zeiss. Swapping lenses is fun but I really need something that sits on the body for 80% of the time.

I'm also not massively impressed by the AF speed and suspect that won't get much better, even if I upgrade to the NEX6. I hate to say it but after spending some time with DSLR Canon cameras at work, 550d and 7d, I'm left rather underwhelmed - both in terms of AF performance and lens price. The new 70d offers a lot for the money, especially when partnered with the 18-135 IS STM lens.

To get similar quality in an E-Mount I would need to move up to an A7 (taking my lens collection with me and cropping to 10MP) and the native EF lenses are massively expensive, especially if I ever want a big telephoto. Yes it will look amazing and offer a lot of portability (but not as much as the NEX) but that’s a bunch of cash to chuck at a relative inflexible camera range.

Looking at the sample images here there’s not a huge difference between the 70d and FF A7 but both are a big step-up from a NEX.

Have I missed something? Portability can always be addressed by the purchase of a P&S or even using my camera phone when out and about.

5n is an excellent camera but the focus speed is not really in the class of DSLR. I don't really recommend you upgrade to 5T or 6, it's money down the drain. My argument is that Nex series lack high quality lenses at reasonable prices, compared the Nex to m4/3 cameras where they do have many high quality lenses at reasonable prices(latest from Ebay) e.g.

20mm f1.7 @$360

45mm f1.8 @$370

14-45mm f3.5-5.6 @$350

14-140mm MKII f3.5-5.6@$750

And Fujifilm X series 16-55mm f2.8 @$560

all these lenses are rated excellent by both reviewers and users. I own both Nex and m4/3 formats I stop buying accessories(lenses) and bodies for my Nex 5n and F3 and I am very disappointed with their recent releases of their lenses., nothing to look forward to.

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