Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Reading the 40 preceding comments on this thread, I come away with the conclusion that no adapter, except perhaps the Novoflex, is reliably precise. No one has written a complaint about the performance of the Novoflex LEM/NEX adapter. Am I missing something? If we are spending mega bucks on the A&/A7r and plan on using expensive rangefinder lenses, isn't this thread a persuasive argument for the Novoflex--except masochists who don't mind the aggravation of having to buy and return defective products repeatedly until they get the odd good one, or who like to repeatedly disassemble lens mounts to find the right shim, or those who think focusing past the infinity setting is acceptable?


Good argument, I may have as many as 40 adapters, they almost all have been relatively cheap. I do have one Novoflex adapter as well. I have not felt it necessary to return any of them.

Sorry, out of several Yeenon DKL to M42, one only was a slightly loose fit. Yeenon quickly replaced it for me.

So I did not return my Novoflex, but the others worked fine and excepting the one Yeenon ...

But in the end you buy what you feel comfortable with. No risk Novoflex seems about right.

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Tom Caldwell

I just bought a Leica M to NEX adapter to supplement my Voigtlander adapter. It was not a necessary purchase.

I bought it to allow the use of the Novoflex tripod mount collar. It is a superbly machined collar with both a tripod socket and an ara-swiss type quick release mount. It allows the lens adapter to carry the weight of the lens instead of the NEX body. (There have been multiple reports of the tripod socket of the NEX-7 coming loose. (my other adapters do not have a tripod socket).

I already had a Pentax DA to Nex adapter that I was using with a SMC M 200mm f4. It is very reassuring to have the NEX-6 secure on a tripod with the weight of the lens transmitted to the tripod collar via the adapter instead of the camera socket.

Metabones and a few other EF to NEX adapters come with built in tripod mounts as well. This is useful and it is not necessary to use it and small enough to not get in the way.  The RJ glassless electonic adapter has an optional extra collar which allows portrait mode as well.  It does not have detents or markings but I guees you can use in-camera levelling or make some discrete measured markings.   Some other adapters can be bought with fixed tripod mounts, especially for the Pentax Q mount for obvious good reason.  Fixed tripod mounts are best with bayonet mount lenses of course.

It is interesting in this debate that nothing has been said about Metabones or the Chinese focal reducer versions in respect of their infinity focus accuracy.  Maybe I am too casual but I have not noticed any infinity focus problem  (with any of them).  This is doubly unusual as Canon make absolutely no bones whatsoever that their telephoto lenses at least all focus past infinity out of the factory - simply to allow for a possible heat factor.  I admit to have not gone beyond the 200/2.0 so far but this rather large white lens surely is also focusing past infinity.  Maybe it is because that with telephoto the actual use requires some specific focusing - even at longer distances.  I have used this lens and noticed no problems with focus - both in AF (goes without saying) but also using MF - which is usually quicker wiith such a sharp lens.

Therefore the conndrum.  The telephoto has smaller dof and seems less problematical and the wide lens with sometimes huge hyperfocal seems to be a big issue.  If a wide cannot pick up infinity inside the hyperfocal distance then it is indeed a big problem

Or is it something that I am not understanding - can the extreme end of the hyperfocal be out of focus if the lens can focus past infinity? - beyond me.  But if this is so then all those very expensive telephoto lenses that Canon builds deliberately to focus past infinity have a very real problem.

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Tom Caldwell

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