Panasonic to halve digital camera releases in 2014

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Re: Panasonic to halve digital camera releases in 2014

I don't really have a problem with that.  Frankly, those who want merely decent shots as well as convenience are going to be fine with the quality coming out of their smartphones. And really, some of them take decent shots.

On the other hand, those who are more serious amateur photographers who appreciate some the manual control, nuance and quality you get at the next level and up will poney up for the better cameras. The article suggested ~$296 retail and up. That's not a lot for a good camera. I think Panasonic might put out too many cameras that are too close to each other. I mean, how many different cameras does Leica put out? They're not glomming onto every mid-quality compact Panasonic puts out. They're selective.

I understand that the LX7 didn't do as well as they had hoped. I don't know how they marketed it. It seemed to be a hot camera when I purchased one this past summer. The dealer where I bought it encouraged Panasonic cameras in this price range along with Canon. Most of the guys in the store absolutely loved the LX7. The more I use it and learn its ins and outs, the more I am appreciating how good it really is. I think the camera is a bargain, particularly at its current price point.  I have read many reviews of it and comparisons to the Sony RX100. In spite of its larger sensor, the Sony doesn't outdo the Panny in every instance of use. There seem to be certain types of usage where the design of the LX7 is better. I think Panasonic knew what it was doing. I have been posting shots on my Facebook page and viewers have been wowed by many of them. At almost half the price of the Sony, why isn't the LX7 touted more? Is it that for some, size is everything?

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