Quick Release Mounting plate for NEX-6?

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Re: Quick Release Mounting plate for NEX-6?

fysloc wrote:

I recently bought a Velbon UT 43D II with QHD 43D head unit and QB-63 plate (all stock and came with tripod). Bought it primarily as an all in one light weight travel tripod that will fit in my bag.
Problem I have is the plate is too big for the NEX-6 as the extra protrusions of the plate interfere with the movement of the LCD screen such that it cannot be tilted downwards, as well as being rather bulky when I would like to leave the plate on the camera and attach to tripod when needed.
Would there be an alternative that fits on my tripod without me having to replace the entire head unit and plate as a whole? (I am a noob when it comes to tripods and have no idea if the mounting plate with the lever can be detached from the ball head, or how it comes off). What suggestions would people have for this if the stock ballhead and mounting plate is a poor choice for the NEX-6?

Really right stuff has a superb mounting plate for the Nex-6/7. They have an additional L bracket for it.



I have the JTec L bracket for the NEX-6. Here is a link for the bracket for the NEX-7. JTec has a NEX-6 version but you have to order it with an email to them as they have not yet updated their website to include the NEX-6 version.


Both companies have mounting plate versions without the L bracket.

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