Nikon A vs Sony RX100

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Re: Nikon A vs Sony RX100

Dheorl wrote:

I've been wanting to get a new pocket camera to replace my s95 for a while and have I think pretty much narrowed it down to these two. It may seem like an odd comparison compared to the usual Nikon A vs Ricoh GR talk but hey ho.

Basically though, I realised a lot of the time when I use my s95 I'm out hiking or in a social situation, so doing landscapes or up close with whatever I'm photographing, therefore one of the fixed 28mm compacts made sense to me as looking at my images that's the range most of the good ones are at.

I really like the look of the controls on the Nikon but have to admit I'm struggling with thought of giving up he zoom. I was wondering, when both are set to 28mm how much better really is the Nikon? I know it has the bigger sensor but it also has the slower lens. Does the fact that it's a prime mean the IQ is that much better?

Sorry that was a bit of a rambling question, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this conundrum. I really like the look of the Nikon, i'm just struggling with the thought of only one focal length. If only they made a 75mm equivalent version to slip in the other pocket, then I'd be one happy camper.

I own both (and also a X2).

a) The rx100 has quite good IQ IMO, but the Nikon is clearly better. The A is in the same class like good DSLR+good lens, the RX100 is something in between.

b) focal length-only you know what you need. In one way 28mm for is great for many things, but it also creates a certain wide angle look. The 35mm for of the x2  seems more in between wide an d normal and maybe slightly more flexible in this regard. Thats why the X2 is my favorite of the three at the moment. (its a little bigger than the other 2 though.

c) I think the Nikon A has a really good user interface

d) I also think the GM1 sounds interesting and you can change between a small zoom lens and a pancake prime. But it looks still bigger than the A and RX100.

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