24mm (or other very wide lens) for A7R

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Re: 24mm (or other very wide lens) for A7R

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I am in the lookout for a good 24mm lens for the A7R. Hence I guess my only option is SLR lenses.

So far I found very positive opinions of (in order of quality--of opinions of course)

Nikkor AIS 24 f2.8

Minolta Rokkor-X 24 f2.8

Olympus Zuiko Auto-W 24 f2.8

Canon FD SSC 24 f2.8

I am looking at f2.8 because I don't need much speed, and I would like something not too big (since the adapter will already add some bulk). Price range up to £150 £200 tops if it reaaaaally makes a difference.

I might also consider the 28mm focal length (but only if I gain considerable quality over a 24, as I will have a 35mm lens and would appreciate the extra angle of a 24).

So far it seems to me that the only tested and working well on the A7R is the Canon one. Any comments, ideas, suggestions or first hand experience?


All lenses that you mentioned above are very good. I would probably search for Olympus, Nikkor, Canon and. Minolta in that order, but the most important would be the condition of the particular sample.

Samyang 24/1.4 is good lens, but not as good as its longer brother 35/1.4. Quite pronounced distortion and field curvature.

There is also Canon FD 24/2, that owners praise high and Canon FD 24/1.4, but both are rather expensive.

Zeiss Distagon 25/2.8 C/Y can be another option.

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I’m not sure why you’re putting the Minolta Rokkor at bottom of the list, it’s considered one of the sharpest wide-angle legacy lenses ever produced; in fact, so good that it was rebadged by Leica in the form of the Elmarit-R 24 f2.8.

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