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Re: Hello again

Richard Franiec wrote:

Can you, please, kindly explain your "you being German" reference?

Ok, you asked for it...

It is my experience that Germans and their cousins, the Austrians, lack deeply in their capacity to understand or practice humor.

In my view, they surely can't measure up to nationalities that are recognized as traditionally funny, may that humor be dry/ironic (the British), fast-paced verbally/idiomatic oriented, with or without vulgarity (the Americans), loosely-tempered with a strong dosage of malice (the Brazilians) or of the histrionic/burlesque type (the French)

Humor or humorous perspectives are very strong influencers of my personality, right from when I was a teenager/young adult, up to the point of, as 53-old, being now fully aware that inhabiting this blue planet of ours would be pretty much intolerable without it. Certain things that happen in our world, today, can only be withstand if one has a very strong "funny bone" in his/hers body.

To me, it all started back in the 70's, in my early teens, by reading "Mad" magazine and, specially, by the wondrous encounter of my high school friends and myself with the genius of Monty Python (I am ecstatic with yesterday's announcement, by the way).

In my experience, German humor (when it exists at all) is anchored in very rough/basic premises , lacks imagination as well as polishing and usually has a very heavy "Wagnerian" tone about it all.

That crude attempt by mrkr, above, to make a play with the introduction to my PBase galleries, by "transmutating" it into an declaration that my interventions here are nothing more than narcissistic spurs, is a very good example of Germans best shots at humor. Feeble.

...Just the other day I was checking an UHDTV at local electronics store and noticed the content being played was a concert of an Austrian orchestra directed by a German conductor (...or the other way around, I am not sure...)

The concert comes to the end, the audience clap-calls for the usual encore and the conductor comes back. He starts shouting to the audience "Do you want more?"and the audience goes "Yes! Yes!". He then goes on, shouting even higher, almost like barking "It's over!, OVER! Raus!Raus! Go home!" with a menacing face. The audience goes into hysterical laughing and he just keeps dry-shouting, louder and a louder.

I was fascinated that both him and, clearly, that whole audience were obviously enjoying that pitiful display as the pinnacle of performed and received comedy.

It was a bit awkward, frankly.

...This clip, which has become a German New Year's tradition, one that, even today, makes most Germans as crazy as they can be with comedy infusion, is a clear indicator of what German sense of humor (...or my mentioned lack of it...) is all about. (As for the irony stemming from the fact that the only memorable thing about it - the butler's performance - is the output of an English actor, I leave it for you to enjoy):

As for my own, direct experience, well...

I was once part of ENJJPT a NATO/US pilot training program operating out of Sheppard AFB,Texas.

There were pilots there from all NATO countries. Once, there about 10/12 of us around a squadron table with some idle time to spare and we were taking turns telling jokes. Two of those officer pilots were Germans.

Up comes my turn and I tell what I like to call "The Best Joke in The World".

...Now, mind you, this is an epic joke, quite unfit to write in full here, revolving around a fighter-pilot and is own boasted sexual prowess, a beautiful woman, some Cognac and flames. It is really funny.

In my repeated experience it is guaranteed to make general audiences burst into laughing tears and pilot-composed ones (...because it has a further level of "inside joke" to us...) just go plain bananas.

Surely enough, I tell it and all those guys burst out in hysterical laugher, choreographing right then and there what would some years later turn out to be the widely used acronym, ROTFL.

...All, except for the 2 Germans.

When we finally stopped laughing (...yes, we, because I still laugh like crazy every time I hear/tell it. It is that good...) , thinking that a communication problem might have surfaced, since English was 2nd language to both me and themselves, I offered to further explain the joke. They went:

"No, no... we understand it. It is very funny" and then went on to fully describe the operative comical premises and logic of the whole joke.

Apparently they had understood it. By they own saying, they had found it extremely funny.

They just didn't laugh.


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