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Re: The K50 is serious bang for the buck too

Vikas Rana wrote:

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Vikas Rana wrote:

I've purchased A58 in September at $450 with kit lens. I can easily get A65/A57 under $699 or can think of getting A77 body at $800 and look out for a quality budget lens!

Its funny you are talking about spending $699 on an OVF based DLSR...

Nothing wrong with OVF. Some people like it better.

Including me a few or many don't like it. The era of taking test shots are old now, EVF provides a better preview for setting customization. I purchased A58 just because of the OLED EVF and don't really need large buffer or the screen.

EVFs have a lot of great points.

But when comparing within the "dSLR category" -- Talking about objective comparison, not personal preference.  When making objective comparisons, you can't penalize dSLRs for having OVFs... since that's at the very core of being a true dSLR.

Imaging an "Apple pie" contest.  Three contestants submit a baked pastry crust with a sweetened apple filling.  They use different types of apples.  Each crust has a slightly different consistency.  One contestant may have added cinnamon, another contestant added whipped cream.  The fourth contestant submits their pie in, but inside, there is a pastry crust filled with a frozen apple flavored custard.

So in judging this "apple pie" contest -- You might still compare the pastry crust of all 4 entries.  You may even compare the apple flavoring.  But you can't objectively say, "The Apple ice cream pie is the winner because I like ice cream more than I like pie!"

EVFs are basically a mirror-less camera feature.  Overall, I would say Sony dSLTs still belong in the "dSLR category."  But when doing an -objective- comparison, you can't say, "The dSLT is the best dSLR because it's not a dSLR."  ---- That might be a very valid PERSONAL subjective assessment.

That said, it is fair to compare the *results* of being a dSLT -- the benefits as they translate to a dSLR.  So I think it's fair to say that across some categories, the Sony model has a larger viewfinder than the CaNikon.  It's fair to say that across some categories, the Sony model has a higher burst rate.  These are benefits of being a dSLT, but they are also standard measures of a dSLR.  As traditional dSLRs have tried to optimize their live views, I think it's fair to assess that the Sony models, thanks to the dSLT, result in a better live view mode.  And of course, acknowledging the penalties -- typically worse noise performance.

But EVF vs OVF--- again, in a best apple pie contest, you can't penalize contestants for baking an apple pie.

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