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Re: The K50 is serious bang for the buck too

tbcass wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

Both cameras offer a lot of value, and they are wholly different choices. One has a high end OVF/weather sealing (and more) the other a high end EVF and lower price. If I were a new DSLR buyer I'd be looking at those two cameras.

Pentax offers great cameras for good prices yet people still don't buy many of them. Most people just blindly follow the Canikon path and never look elsewhere.

It really hurts Pentax, and more recently Sony, not to have their products in big box stores.  Even many smaller camera stores don't stock Pentax and Sony.  Most entry-level buyers are still going to want to SEE the product first-hand before they buy it.  They will walk into Best Buy, and compare the models in stock.

On top of that, it's easy for them to fall prey to some of the myths about CaNikon simply being "better."  They must be better, because the pros use them.  They are so popular, it must be because they are better.  I've heard that there are much better lens options on CaNikon. etc, etc

It appears in the last several months, Sony has removed their dSLT presence from big box stores almost entirely.  (except basically for open box items, I haven't seen dSLTs in any Best Buy, yet I know they were stocking them 6-12 months ago).  Hopefully, this is temporary, and when new models are again introduced, they will hit the big box stores.  (The piece of #%!$ A3000 is carried in my local Best Buys, right next to CaNikon dSLRs.  Not the best foot forward for Sony).  Otherwise, it will become nearly impossible for Sony to attract *new* customers.

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