Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

Midwest wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

tqlla wrote:

  • The A58 has in body stabilization.

Eh. Many reviewers, and CaNikon shooters would argue that stabilized lenses provide better performance than Sony in-body stabilization. So you can just as easily call this a disadvantage for the Sony cameras. It's not clear cut.

In-body stabilization only makes any sense whatsoever on a camera with an EVF. Not to say that it is better than optical, it's probably not - but at least with an EVF it gives a stabiized view through the viewfinder and the AF and metering are also working with a stabilized image.

Sounds like you don't know Sonys at all. They do not give a stabilized view through the viewfinder (except in video mode) because stabilization takes place only during the exposure, not before.

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