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havoc315 wrote:

tqlla wrote:

  • The A58 has in body stabilization.

Eh. Many reviewers, and CaNikon shooters would argue that stabilized lenses provide better performance than Sony in-body stabilization. So you can just as easily call this a disadvantage for the Sony cameras. It's not clear cut.

In-body stabilization only makes any sense whatsoever on a camera with an EVF. Not to say that it is better than optical, it's probably not - but at least with an EVF it gives a stabiized view through the viewfinder and the AF and metering are also working with a stabilized image.

On a DSLR with IBIS, the viewfinder (especially at longer focal lengths) is going to be twitchy and jerky and shaky because nothing gets stabilized except the image recorded by the sensor. The photographer has to work with an unstablized, twitchy image and so do the AF sensors and metering sensors. Is it any surprise that the Pentax DSLRs with their IBIS systems continue to lag behind in AF tracking? Not to me. Their AF sensors have a tough row to hoe. How can they lock in and track something that's in constant motion?

With optical stabilization on a DSLR, the viewfinder and the sensors all get the benefit of a stabilized view of the subject which is an advantage to the user and to the sensors. There is a reason Canon and Nikon DSLR's have optical stabilization, it's because it is functionally the only way to do it that makes sense. When I bought my first DSLR (a Canon) at first I despaired when I found out I could have gotten one (Pentax) with IBIS; now that I understand the functional difference, I am more than happy with my choice.

Saying that the A58's IBIS is an advantage only serves to drive home that it is not a DSLR; it's IBIS would be a DISadvantage on a camera that is really a DSLR.

So it's not a DSLR, there's no shamein that so why do some people keep insisting it is one? If someone wants a DSLR so badly then there are plenty they can buy. Not from Sony, but there's a good selection from Canon and Nikon.

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