Nikon A vs Sony RX100

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photo perzon
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Nikon A vs GR vs Sony RX100 vs X100 vs Panasonic GM1

Ray Sachs wrote:

It's all a question of the zoom. If you don't want a fixed lens camera, don't get the Nikon A. If you're OK with that, yes, it's a lot better at 28mm than the RX100. The IQ in good light is a bit better - the lens is a lot better than the RX100 at 28mm. In low light, the Nikon comes into it's own. The RX100 isn't bad, though, so depending on what you want to do with it, it might suffice. I do a lot of street shooting and I like two features the Nikon has and the RX100 doesn't for low light (or good light) street shooting. First, there's a distance scale in manual focus - pretty close to essential for zone focus. Second, there's a great logical auto-ISO setup (even better than the GR) that allows you to set a minimum shutter speed in aperture priority mode with shutter speeds up to 1/1000. The RX100 doesn't have either of these things. I personally don't like anything about the controls or interface of the RX100 and I love the Nikon interface - pretty simple but customizable enough that I can get the handful of adjustments I like to make a lot on the fly easily available outside of the menus.

But, if you want a zoom, this is all moot. Nobody else can decide this for you or even advise you on it. I personally can't shoot with zooms worth a damn except in telephoto lengths. But they're just the ticket for a lot of folks. For me, a fixed lens 28mm is pretty much all I need for 90% of my shooting, so I'm REAL happy with the Nikon A.. But I can't tell you that you would be...


Ray is very knowledgeable

Nikon A: super great camera, but only one post in these forums a week.   Never seen a more ignored camera, receives no love.  I don't understand why.  Maybe the price compared to the GR.

Ricoh GR: loved, revered with a following of cult status.  Great grip.  I love it but I like 40mm much better.

RX100: recent more relaxed reviews point to compromise in IQ due to the zoom

X100: a romantic camera, makes my 50 year old wife look 35.  Amazing.  Skin looks younger.  Great colors.

X100S: deep shadows and super black shade makes my 50 year old wife look 65.  Wrinkles are accentuated.

Panasonic GM1: pocketable, can put a sharp 20mm 1.7 lens on it, has stabilized kit lens, bounce flash built in, 14mm 2.5 almost as good as GR or A.

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