Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

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Re: Adorama WARNING--Selling Them Used Equipment

CharlieDIY wrote:

cwinant wrote:

The answer is quite simple. Craiglist is a hotbed for sammers, and in my view a waste of time. Folks try adorama because they present their service as an easy way to get a fair price and essentially do an exchange to get new equipment in a single transaction. That is what they ant you to believe. If you read my earlier post today, you will see that the real experience is very different. Essentially Adorama sits on your equipment for as long as they can, expecting that the lure of the new equipment will push you to accept a totally unreasonable price. In my case I was offered roughly half of what they charge for the same equipment used.

My point is that you are correct, but photographers need to understand that Adorama wants to make a lot of money off their used equipment.

It always leaves me scratching my head when people tail onto old threads, but I scratch even more when they whine about a business making money. Adorama is NOT a place to get the highest price for your used gear, but neither is B&H or Keh or any other large dealer. Their price is fair to both: you get a fairly fast deal with no risk, but you do not get a premium price. Dealers like Adorama and B&H and Keh take in many cameras, lenses, flash units and so on, then spend time evaluating them. They have to pay competent staff to do that. If they purchase the gear, they then must make sure all is well and clean for the next buyer. They next have to provide clean, secure storage space for the gear until it sells, which may be quite a long time. Use on of the other outlets, though in truth I would neither buy nor sell camera gear on Craigslist, though I have sold a couple of cars through them. I generally use eBay, which can be great, but carries its own hazards.

There is no truly easy way to sell camera gear at a premium price while protecting your own interests, as well as the interests of the buyer, that I know of.

My bet is that Adorama makes a decent net profit off used gear, but doesn't make a lot of money, as you state, on most purchases. If you expect them to do it on a break-even basis, you're unrealistic.

My guess is they do make a lot of money if there offering 50% of sale prices, you think a quick staff check and a spot in the warehouse cost them much money? I'd guessing $20 at most.

Now I can understand small mom and pop stores not offering amazing prices as there paying for more expensive shop shelf space and are likely to be waiting much longer to sell they gear but Adorama has a massive userbase and likely sells on most of what they buy quickly.

In the UK whats happened in that MPB and from the sound of it Ffordes have actually been offering good prices for used gear(more like 75% of what they sell it for) and as a result they've quickly come to monopolise most of the business. It needs someone similar to enter the market in the US to force rivals to offer decent money, as it is there just looking to prey on people they think are desperate for money.

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