Returned D5300 back focus problems

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Returned D5300 back focus problems

I really wanted the D5300 to work for me as a second and much lighter camera. However, I had varying levels of back focus problems. Today, I returned the camera to my very reputable photo dealer. We tried two other D5300 units using a lens alignment setup. All three D5300's had the same problems.

NOTE: All tested lenses focused perfectly using LiveView (and I must say that the LCD is excellent and image quality is top notch when in focus).

Some details follow:

New 18-140mm - varying back focus problems depending upon focal length but mostly usable photos. Right on edge with most of in focus area behind the zero point on lens align. In actual use, sometimes I could get an eye in focus. Note: this is a great lens for sharpness as determined by live view use.

Tried 35mm f1.8 DX (used two copies of this lens in store), 50mm f1.4, 24-85mm FX VR, and 18-35mm FX -- all had serious back focus issues with actual focus point being at the very back of the lens align scale.

Sadly, the D5300 does not have a fine adjustment feature for lenses like the D7100 or D600 etc.

Seems like Nikon would have tested the camera with more lenses. They stand to make more money selling lenses. I thing if you get the new 18-140mm and use it as the only lens it may work in most situations, that is, where precise focus in not that critical.

I wanted to use this camera with the 35mm f1.8 DX lens because that would be the prefect small camera kit with excellent image quality but it simply would not focus correctly (severe back focus problems) on the three bodies we tried and with the two 35mm DX lenses.

I am disappointed and hoping that Nikon will address this problem soon. As a result of my back focus problems with the D5300, i have placed an order for a Sony A7.  The D5300 would have been a better solution with a great sensor and much smaller DX lenses, Nikon flash system etc.  I know that if I like the A7 that will be the end of my Nikon systems.

Side comment: I did not see any banding.

This is my experience with the camera as witnessed at the camera store.

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