Need help testing a theory. fuji and ff background blur size

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Re: Need help testing a theory. fuji and ff background blur size

DonSantos wrote:

My theory is based on web images that I've seen and defies actual physics.

I think the fuji 35 1.4 has a bigger background blur radius than full frame 50mm 1.8's with the same framing.

Can someone with both a fuji 35mm and a 50mm 1.8 full frame help me out and test my theory? I would eternally appreciate it. Either the canon or nikon 50mm 1.8 will do.


There is a lot more than that. It depends on the lens design. 1,4 isn't only for blur. Leica's Summilux 1,4/50 has less focus fall off than the Zeiss 1,5/50 Sonnar. One lens was designed to blur, the other for different parts of the image.

My 2,0/50 Nikkor Ai throws image out of focus faster than the 1,8. It's just a different design. The Fuji may have been designed to throw the background out of focus. That's all it is.

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