Why so much resentment on posting to Facebook.

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Re: Can you explain the NEED to Share Private Moments to total strangers?

osv wrote:

phazelag wrote:

My website is on my profile,

the only clickable link in your sig file is for your gear list... if nothing else, you should be bringing in non-facebook traffic, in order to send it to the facebook group that you support.

facebook people can't see anything beyond facebook... walled garden mentality, it's the only thing that matters to them.

the flip side, of course, is that you are indeed pulling in good traffic... unfortunately it's for a website that you don't own.

I agree with the points you made about facebook bringing families together, i'm not trying to be totally negative here... I think that certain types of photos are meant to be seen, and facebook is as good as anywhere to get 'em seen.

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I added my site to my signature, I used to have it on there not sure why it wasnt on there, but it has always been on my profile link. Thanks for pointing that out.  But DPreview is attracting photographers not customers which is fine with me, but they are not likely to comment on photos on my site or have fun discussions and actually on most galleries I have except unlisted private galleries I have comments turned off because I dont want to risk trolls, which used to happen.  So I share certain photos or galleries on here when it's relevant to the post and the discussions are great. But still my most rewarding discussions are on Facebook. I think Google Plus is the best format for photographers and I get to interact with alot of pros who coach me on there, but the interactions are just a tiny percentage of Facebooks. And on Facebook it tends to be people who know me better, so they are more willing to speak up. Its fun thats it. I realize some photos are for certain places. But as a photographer unless you're photographing nudes why wouldn't you let your friends get a peek at some of your best work? They are the most likely to hire you or if your an amature your friends may see your work and encourage more. No one on my friend list is going to steal a photo and if they do I am flattered.  But I have been asked about using a photo and I work something out with them thats appropriate use of the photo.  There are now more than one top pro who no longer watermark and get way more business because there work is out and there versus how much lose from a photo stolen for a computer wall paper.  Anyway I think we all are free to decide how we want to use facebook or what photos we put where. I just think most of the criticism even on privacy concerns (which I share) are uninformed and lack perspective.

I do agree we don't own Facebook and building a business that relies on it is risky, but why not use it like you say to funnel business to your site.  My snap shots are not labeled, but my nicer photos have my website in the photo description.  And buy now any one of the people in my Friend list (I cant call them friends I guess) who have been connected to me longer than a month likely know my site is my name.

I just checked and my site has had 42000 views in the last 20 days and 2/3rds of those came from DPreview.com  and thats without my site in the signature.

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