What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: some additional info on the d7100 AF

jfriend00 wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

I just found this thread on another site, that was posted by an avid soccer shooter. He is not happy with the 9pt dynamic AF performance for soccer shooting. That poster also has some comments in this thread that you may find interesting.

This is the kind of action that is similar to what I'd normally test, but I've not been able to do so with the d7100 yet.

Interesting thread where he concludes that the D300 handles soccer playing tracking noticeably better than the D7100. I know there's a lot more to AF performance than just which focus part the camera has. This seems to indicate that even the ancient D300 has more focus horsepower than the D7100 (at least in the hands of this soccer photographer). The inverse is probably why the D3/D3s focuses better than the D300 too.

FWIW, my experiences with all 3 cameras is that the d3s (while not perfect) will do better than the d300, especially under the more difficult conditions, more consistently. Same applies to the d700, which to my recollection, is pretty much identical to the d300.

In daylight and subdued daylight conditions, I have not seen a significant difference between the d300 and d7100 AF.  I would assume that the differences that he talks about are in lower light levels, combined with the new way that dynamic area focus, which will change AF points when the selected AF point fails to achieve focus within a certain amount (very short) of time.

So, I would guess that his conclusion is accurate.  But, this is the part that I've been unable to test, so I can't quantify it.


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