What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: I don't know about EV's but ...

Grevture wrote:

lock wrote:

But of course you can go lower. However, how often does it happen when shooting sports ?

Well, have never bothered with EV, so I have no idea where that puts you

But to me, decent low light is at say iso 3200, f2.8 and 1/500, while quite bad light is at iso 6400, f2.8 and 1/250. Following that I find the 51 point system somewhat better in decent light, and in quite bad light the 39 point AF just is nowhere near the performance of the 51 point version.

I think the point of the recent discussion here is that how an AF system works in low light has more to do with the focus processing behind the scenes (e.g. in the circuitry) and less to do with how many actual AF points there are.  There might be a loose correlation between number of focus points and focus horsepower (just because Nikon chooses to align more horsepower with more points), but they are different parts of the system so we know they are not always correlated.  For example, the D300 and D3 had the same 51pt AF part in it, but the D3 was way more powerful for AF in bad light.

Similarly, we really don't know how the Df, D610 and D7000 compare in focus horsepower even though they all have 39 focus points.  And, I've seen evidence that the D300 does noticeably better in low light than the D7100 even though they both have 51 points (in fact, the D7100 part is newer as it works at f/8 whereas the D300 does not).

So, I've concluded that you can't just assume a level of performance because of the number of focus points.  There's so much more to it than that.

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