What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: You are using big words. Works for me

lock wrote:

But your reading capabilities are quite poor. "No offense. Wel not much ,,,"

I quote: "Nothing touches the D3S and D4 for action."

The d7100 was the suggested alternative in this part of the discussion. Nit the D4 or D3s. That wasi nthe part above my initial response.
So, I was discussing the option of the OP to take the D7100 route with the 51 point Af system. I did not discuss the jump to the D4 or D3s.

More importantly, there is a difference between the D4 Af module and the D7100 module. Have a look.
Lenses up to f5.6 wide open both use the same 51 points. Between 5.6 and 8 and at f8 the D7100 only has one focus point. The D4 has 15 points between 5.6 and 8, nine of the cross type. At f8 we are talking of 11 points, one (central) point being cross type.

The D600/610 has 31 af points between f5.6 an f8. "Seven focus points (five central focus points and one point to the left and right of them in the middle line) are compatible with f/8." Mind you , the central is cross sensor as in the D4/d7100.

The AF algorithm in the D4 needs to handle up to 11 frames per second. This is subtantially faster than the max 7 frames of the d7100. Pure processing power in the D4 (and d3s btw).....

Back to my point: there is not much between the AF in the d7100 9 point dynamic mode and the one in the d600/d610.

Do you still have personal experiences with good arguments to back up that mine are simply 'dangerous' ?


The OP had three possible options at the start.  D3, D3S, D700. Part way through he was half convinced to "look" at a D7100. That's bad enough with no buffer.  Then you decided to logic that up to a D600/610 with poorer AF and still no buffer.  If you'd ever shot action or wildlife with something with the buffer of the D7100, either of the 6s, or even the 8s, you wouldn't be recommending them for action / wildlife. If the OP shot with a 3s or 4 he'd never want to go back to anything less.  Seeing one in a store somewhere doesn't qualify you on knowing their unmatched ability for action

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