Canon Powershot g15 vs g16

Started Nov 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
digitalcuriosity Senior Member • Posts: 1,169
Re: Canon Powershot g15 vs g16

RedFox88 wrote:

digitalcuriosity wrote:?

Best Buy today 11/12/2013 is selling the G15 for $380US. with a net found price of $504US Best Buy matched it so I bought one.

I'm not quite following you, that doesn't make sense. And this past weekend I was in a local Best Buy and the G15 price was $450.

The G15 was on sale when I reported the priceof around $380US at one time it was $440US.

Maybe I did not make it very clear sorry, the price match was for the G16 that is $549US I found one at $504US online so Best Buy price matched the price. So it offset the local taxs,so I bought it.

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