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havoc315 wrote:

tqlla wrote:

I see that you are more than willing to assess the SLT penalty to the A58, but you are not willing to include the SLT advantages when comparing the A58 to the D3200. Then you compare the D1 to the A58... So who is biased?

Huh? I have the SLT advantages --- Objectively, better video.

The point of the D1 to A58 comparison, was because of your standards. You were claiming that the A58 is a superior camera because of EVF and phase detect video. By that logic, the Sony A58 is far better than any camera ever made by Nikon or Canon. I was showing the absurdity of your apples versus oranges comparisons.

You keep returning again and again, to saying that Sonys are better because of EVF. Go to a Nikon board, and people will say over and over, that Nikons are better because of OVF.

But we are straying far far from the point. My point was simply that this cited blog apparently did not consider many entry level models in their comparison, because they may be 2012 models.

If EVF is such a vast superiority to OVF... Then why didn't the Sony A99 beat the Canon 1DX for Best professional camera? By your logic, this website should have easily picked the A99 over the 1DX -- Afterall, the A99 has a great EVF and phase detect video, totally lacking in the 1DX!

Best prosumer -- the Nikon D600 -- Why not the Sony A99 or Sony A77??? By your logic -- IBIS, EVF, phase detect video, articulating screen-- the A77 or A99 should have been the lights out winner in this category!

Best high end dSLR -- The Canon 70D -- But OMG-- it is still stuck with an OVF. How would they possibly pick it over the Sony A77???

And the runner up is the Nikon D7100!! How would they possibly put the Nikon D7100 over the A77??? No EVF, no articulating screen, no IBIS!

Best mid-range... Is it the A65? Nope, the Pentax K-50. Well, at least it has IBIS! But its stuck with OVF, a non-articulating screen! And the runner up is the Nikon D5200!!

Only in "value", did they rate the Sony A58 as the winner... over the Nikon D3200. But I maintain that may largely because of incorrect assessment of price -- They list the 3200 as costing $50-$100 more than the Sony, when in fact, they are now the same price.

I'm looking at everything in context. If, based on the standards used by this website, if in fact EVF always beats OVF, if IBIS and articulating screens are the end-all-be-all... then Sony should have swept every category!
In fact, I'm willing to bet, that in your mind, you believe Sony should have swept every category!!!!

You are just arguing yourself in circles. The point of this thread is the A58 was considered a Value Leader. Not best high end DSLR. Not best prosumer camera.

Comparing the A58 to a D1 was ridiculous and didn't even deserve a response.

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