Advice for teleconverter with 28-300mm on D800e

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Re: Advice for teleconverter with 28-300mm on D800e

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

I would have thought the main reason for owning a D800e is to get top optical quality.

While the 28-300 is a good all round lens for the money it would definitely not be my first choice for top optical quality at 300mm on a D800e, and less so with a converter.

That said if it is all your budget currently allows my experience is, with good long lens technique you should get less loss of quality with a converter than cropping the D800e file size to 9 MP - which is the cropping equivalent of using a 2x converter.

Nikon AF converters do not fit so you are restricted to Kenko which, although good for the money, are generally accepted as not quite the equal of Nikon.

Nikon's MTF show the recent 80-400 AF-s at 400mm as slightly ahead of the 70-300 VR at 300 mm. My 80-400 AF-s at 400 mm without a converter gives better image quality compared to the 70-300 with Kenko 1.4.

The 80-400 AF-s has better VR and focusses faster - but with the 14e to get 560 mm equivalent costs about 10 times more than a Kenko 2x for 600mm equivalent your current zoom.

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Leonard Shepherd
Many problems turn out to be a lack of intimate knowledge as to how to get the best out of modern and often complex camera equipment.

Thank you Leonard for the helpful reply. I also read your blog about this subject and found it extremely helpful and I would recommend it to others considering these options. I am fast becoming a fan of Primes after having spent 2 weeks using the 135mm F2/DC as compared to the 28-300mm. I might try the 135mm with a TC. I do love bird images and am looking forward to doing some BIF work as we have a great area here in Maryland around the Chesapeake Bay.

The Soligor might be a tempting quick-fix, but I think I would always be wishing for that 80-400 that you have and I have found that confidence in your tools as being the best greatly helps your attitude while making images. If you think you have second-rate tools you are more likely to be sloppy in your work and make second-rate images. This is a psychological thing, but very real for me. It is the same with a musical instrument (I also play classical guitar).

Bill G

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