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Re: Reflection: On a full-frame Sigma dSLR

Having owned a full frame kodak camera since 2004 and also having owned a 5D classic for a number of years I don't understand the obsession the world has with this format. In practice, it is barely better than aps-c. Yes, you get a stop extra of high iso performance for shooting in coal sheds but m4/3 sensors are better than 35mm film, aps-c sensors are equal or better than 645 film. Why do people insist they need 5x4 film resolution for their cat pictures?

I was talking to renowned Scottish landscape photographer Bruce Percy this week. He uses 6x7 Velvia for his work. He also uses a pocket sized GX1 to illustrate points when he doing a workshop. I asked him how big he could print the GX1 files. He said they are easily big enough to print to A4 with image quality the equal of his Hasselblad and he never prints larger than this even with film. Big prints are vulgar is what he said. Michael Kenna is another who limits his printing to 8 inch prints despite shooting medium format.

Here's one of the GX1 teaching shots: I'd be quite happy with an A4 print...

Digital is already far, far better than 99% of photographers will ever take advantage of. You probably constitute the majority of the remaining 1%

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