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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

5) An EVF offers you an on screen data

+1. Including focus peaking, seeing WB before the shot, and the ability to review the shot after its taken, and being able to cycle to previous pictures and deleting unwanted ones.

One might claim that's its laggy or not as real time, but other's that's not really a problem, at least not to a degree where it becomes unusable. OVFs blank out as well.

But EVF set aside, I don't even use VFs at all. I always use the flip out screen. Great that it's pdaf with that, and that that also works for video. What I do is flip the screen so that I look down on it. I can then comfortable hold the camera at the kids' level. I end up with shots as if I'm mingling with the kids, including video. I'm seeing too often that other people I know with other cameras, that they end up looking at the kids from above too often. It's a shame really. You can never go back in time and change the angle. So, not having flip out is a showstopper for me. And I don't like side flipping either, like how Canon does this. I think my A57 is one of the best choices, if not the best choice camera for the average consumer. Hands down. Yes that irritates the living daylights out of a Nikon or Canon fan, but there you have it. There are just so many upsides. Sony did a very good job here. Their business model is a little strange though. Instead of trickling all these features out like Canon does, Sony went, poof, there you go, here's... well... everything, just about. I feel like everything is backtracking - including the new stuff Sony has been doing. All that E mount stuff. Woof. What in the heck is up with all this. Good grief already. Slow dark lenses, expensive overinflated costs. And all this excitement like all the aaahh and ooohh over the A7... yeah ok, the thing costs like 2 grand. Hello! So then back to the A58, which can be had including (at least) a lens, for, what, 400 bucks now? Hello indeed! As if anyone else can touch that! I think not!

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