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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

tqlla wrote:

1) Tilting is a form of articulation.

Yes, and I marked it off in favor of the A58.  Are you ignoring the much higher resolution and larger LCD on the Nikon?  And a bit of tilt isn't the same advantage as if it was fully articulating as in early Sony cameras.

2) OLED EVF is better than low end OVF. People who argue otherwise, probably haven't used an OLED EVF, or they are comparing to a high end OVF

That's your personal opinion.  Not really an objective statement.

It's also more dSLR vs dSLT, not A58 vs D3200.

3) We agree on the Video
4) In body stabilization is good for all Sony lenses. Whereas, many Nikon lenses do not have stabilization.

This is an across-brand comparison, not specific to A58 vs D3200.  Obviously, Canon and Nikon believe that lens based stabilization is better than in-body.  Or else they would have built it into their cameras long ago.  Most objective reviewers indicate Sony IBIS gives you about 2 stops of stabilization.  Some of the better CaNikon lenses get 3-4 stops of stabilization.

I'm a big fan of Sony IBIS.  I love having stabilized primes available.

But objectively speaking, you can't say that there is a professional consensus that Sony IBIS is an advantage over lens stablized systems.

5) The wireless flash is a big advantage as well.

More than cancelled about by the fact that Nikon has a better overall flash system.

6) The ability to see how your changes affect the picture is also huge for someone looking into an entry level camera.

And others would complain about the slide-show effect when doing burst shooting.

You have your own biases. Here is a paraphrase of one of your posts "IF you take away the advantages of the A58, the D5200 is better in every way". Well DUH.

No, I'm comparing apples to apples.  In other words, I'm trying not to concentrate on the inherent differences between dSLR and dSLT (apples vs oranges), and looking at areas where the cameras can be objectively compared.

You're basically looking at the applies vs oranges stuff, and concluding that you prefer oranges -- You prefer SLT over SLR, you prefer IBIS over lens based, you prefer EVF over OVF.  OK... you like oranges more than apples.

If you look at applies vs applies:  Which camera has better ISO performance?  Which has a higher resolution?  Which has a bigger LCD?  Which has a higher resolution LCD?  Which has better rated IQ?

And truthfully, I left the list pretty incomplete..

Which has less start up delay?  Which has less shutter lag?  Which has more new lens availability?  Which has better accessory support?  If a new photographer wants to take a class, is the class more likely to incorporate CaNikons, or Sonys?  Which has the better flash system overall?  Which has more  available lens corrections through Lightroom?

There are things we can objectively measure as better or worse.  (like high ISO performance).  Then there are simple brand differences.  You and I might prefer EVF.  Others may prefer OVF.

You totally discount all the advantages of SLT, trivialize features like IBIS, wireless flash, screen articulation, OLED EVF... then you act like MegaPixels and ISO 3200 are the be all, end all.

You are selectively honing in on some subjective brand preferences, and ignoring objective facts that don't fit your biases.

Tell me, for the same money, would you rather have a Nikon D1, or the Sony A58?  Surely, you pick the A58 thanks to IBIS and EVF?

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