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Mellowmark wrote:

Sony A58 is not a DSLR.

  • DSLR stands for: Digital Single Lens Reflex - all the new Alphas are digital, they do have single lens and there's reflex in mirror. All conditions to become DSLR are met.

Ummm no. The Sony dSLT mirrors do not reflex. I think you are confusing reflex with reflect. The Sony dSLTs use a stationary mirror--- no reflex at all.

it's not worth the energy to sit and try and argue that there is a difference between a DSLR and a DSLT.

We as Sony users know the difference, but very few others are going to make that distinction. DSLR is a generic term for a digital camera that uses lenses to the average person.

When talking with friends and they say.. wow, that's a sweet SLR you've got there! Are you going to go and start correcting them by saying, well no - it's actually a DSLT! DSL what??

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