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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

tqlla wrote:

  • The LCD on the A58 is articulating, whereas the Nikon has a fixed LCD. which allows you to frame low and high shots easier

The A58 tilts.  Not fully articulating like the A57.  So yes, a very tiny check mark in the Sony box.  But the Nikon LCD is larger, higher resolution.  So in terms of LCD overall, I have to give the Nikon the slight nod.

  • The EVF on the A58 is OLED, its looks better than the low end OVFs

Most OVF shooters would disagree.  OVF vs EVF overall... you can't get a consensus as to which is better.

  • The EVF gives you 100% coverage,
  • The EVF allows you to see better in low light,
  • The EVF has a built in level, and mimics the actual photo.

Those are all the pros of EVF, for people who prefer EVF.  Just as many people despise EVF and will always prefer OVF.  So objectively, I can't use this as a basis to compare cameras.  Would you say that the Sony A58 is a better camera than a Nikon D1?  EVF vs OVF is very subjective.

  • The A58 is also better for video,

I would agree with that.

  • The A58 has in body stabilization.

Eh.  Many reviewers, and CaNikon shooters would argue that stabilized lenses provide better performance than Sony in-body stabilization.  So you can just as easily call this a disadvantage for the Sony cameras.  It's not clear cut.

So looking at what is indeed clear cut, objective standards:

Nikon has better build quality (no plastic lens mount), higher resolution (24 vs 20), better ISO performance and high IQ as measured by the industry, a larger higher resolution LCD, wifi capability, and a deeper buffer for burst shooting.

The Sony A58 better overall video capability, faster possible partial resolution burst shooting, and a tiltable LCD.

And then there are some subjective differences, that are neither better or worse but a matter of subjective preference:  EVF vs OVF, SLR vs SLT, In-body stabilizaton vs lens based.

Obviously, on a Sony message board, I'd expect biases to favor the Sony camera.  But if you try to put aside biases and look at it objectively, it's hard to conclude that the A58 is a better camera than the A3200.

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