Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

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Re: Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

123Mike wrote:

Most people will likely find that 24 is not significantly better than 20. Many also realize that more is not necessarily better.

Looking at is side by side does not show any serious differences.

I don't think that that score difference means that people should expect their pictures to look 9% better, whatever that would even mean.

Your whole argument seems to be, "well.. the Nikon is only slightly better.. therefore, since it's close, Sony is the best camera."  That's not logical.

For families that are interested in making a casual video here and there to capture the atmosphere, in that consumer prices range, the Sony looks like a better choice.

So the Sony A58 is a better camera than the Nikon D1?  The ability to use phase detection during video outweighs everything else in the world?

The ability to use phase detect video AF outweighs sensor resolution, the camera's buffer, the IQ, the noise performance, the camera build quality, etc, etc.

As I said, the A58 may be a perfectly decent camera. But the only reason anybody rational would call it the "best" would be if they limited the review to solely cameras introduced in 2013, based on msrp... Without looking at real world pricing and current availability.

The Sony provides a better bang for your buck.

They are the same price.  And except for the advantages inherent in SLT design, the Nikon D5200 beats the Sony A58 across the board.

"But anyway, would you not be more at home in a Nikon forum? Imagine if I start pitting up Sony against Nikon in a Nikon forum. See how much aggressive prejudice I would have to endure."

Are you joking?  So a Sony shooter can't have an objective unbiased discussion of camera comparison?  We should only post pro-Sony propaganda?

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