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Re: Since you are so brilliant . . .

Roland Karlsson wrote:

yvind Strm wrote:


You are the first to say that Sigma Japan is the source of reliable information.

And now you say that things Sigma officials have stated about the SD1 price and Sigma/Foveon officials have said about the development of SD1, is incorrect.

It gets a bit difficult to discuss if you dismiss what they say, because you have some inside information - and cannot provide evidence. Well, though luck. I think I stick to the official explanation.

I think I do support Laurence in this case.

The reason for the high price was a decision.

So the truth is that Sigma could have sold the SD1 at the initial stipulated price, but that the late Yamato added 6000 USD on the price, because he felt it was as good as MF?

Well, I can´t say what is right or not. I do acknowledge that Laurence and Kendall has close connections with Sigma, so it would not surprise me that they have inside information. But it is a bit surprising that they go against the official explanation. I also wonder about the need to read three different authors to be able to correctly understand the statement from the CEO.

Laurence has stated that I have got the story of the SD all wrong too. That is based on interviews with Sigma and Foveon officials. Yamato said that they predicted where the competition would be at a certain point in time, and planned the SD1 after that.

Are you with Laurence on this? Because if Laurence is right, that this also is incorrect, it will be impossible to take anything Sigma officials says in interviews seriously.

If we assume that I was wrong - it was entirely a political decision to set the price so high, and Sigma didn't plan the SD1 the way they said they did, then my argumentation falls apart, of course.

Then the statements that Sigma wants to be a player, with a full range in the DSLR market, also can be a lie.

I have always respected Sigma for what the officials told about the SD1 development, but if it is incorrect, as Laurence claims, I don´t know what to say.

And then I agree that this is fruitless.

But, of course, developing the camera and producing it was very expensive. So, to say that the high price was due to cost was not really a lie.

That new things have happened that have lowered the cost might also be true. A part of the cost might have been to "mortgage" the development cost. So, if you take a decision to let the past be the past you decrease the cost considerably.

Just thoughts. Maybe it is something else.

But, I think you are little to narrow in your thoughts Öyvind.

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