Get this: Sigma WILL produce a camera that beats the current DSLRs resolution wise. Locked

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Re: Since you are so brilliant . . .

yvind Strm wrote:


You are the first to say that Sigma Japan is the source of reliable information.

And now you say that things Sigma officials have stated about the SD1 price and Sigma/Foveon officials have said about the development of SD1, is incorrect.

It gets a bit difficult to discuss if you dismiss what they say, because you have some inside information - and cannot provide evidence. Well, though luck. I think I stick to the official explanation.

I think I do support Laurence in this case.

The reason for the high price was a decision.

But, of course, developing the camera and producing it was very expensive. So, to say that the high price was due to cost was not really a lie.

That new things have happened that have lowered the cost might also be true. A part of the cost might have been to "mortgage" the development cost. So, if you take a decision to let the past be the past you decrease the cost considerably.

Just thoughts. Maybe it is something else.

But, I think you are little to narrow in your thoughts Öyvind.

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