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123Mike wrote:

havoc315 wrote:

Obviously, I'm a Sony fan.

But I think this is very misleading. They are looking at the "best" introduced in 2013.. Not necessarily the best value that is currently on the market. And likely looking at the introductory MSRPs, not the actual selling price as of today.

For example, the Nikon D3200 (a 2012) camera now sells for the same price as the A58. Is the A58 a better camera and better value than the Nikon D3200?

The Nikon has:
Higher resolution sensor. (24 vs 20)

That's like what, 500 pixels wider from like 5500 pixels wide. Not significant at all.

The question was "best" --- You may not personally feel that 24 is significantly better than 20.

About 1/2 stop better noise performance.

When I'm doing comparisons using the online comparisons, I'm not seeing this. I'm looking side by side 3200 ISO raws and I'm not seeing less noise on the Nikon over the Sony.

OK, your eyes aren't seeing it.  Every professional reviewer sees it.  The DXOMark scores aren't even close.

Certainly, you can't credibly say that the Sony is better than the Nikon.

Larger, higher resolution LCD.

Better overall IQ.

I have not seen any evidence to support that claim.

No evidence?  Really?

DXOMark score of 81 vs 74.  Other than your own subjective opinion, do you have any evidence that Sony A58 has better IQ than the Nikon D3200?

In terms of continuous shooting performance: At full resolution, the A58 can only shoot about 5fps, and only for about 6 RAW frames total. The Nikon D3200 can shoot 4fps, but for 12 RAW frames. I'd rather have a 3-second burst of 12 frames, than a 1.2 second burst of 6 frames.

I'll just stick with my A57. It burst nice and fast and long.

Yup, love the A57.  But that has nothing to do with this.

The few advantages I can see in the A58: Better live view (as is always the case when comparing dSLT to dSLR), and the A58 has a tiltable LCD.

Plus proper camcorder like auto focusing during video, making the Sony the no-brainer choice for the average family.

But if I was spending $500 on a new dSLR, I would be hard-pressed to say that the A58 is a better camera than the Nikon D3200.

Others say the Sony is the better choice.

So really, the argument that the A58 is the best value dSLR, comes down to basically one thing -- camcorder-like-video?  So by that logic, the Sony should be the best choice at all levels.  Best mid-level, best prosumer, etc, etc.

As I said, the A58 may be a perfectly decent camera.  But the only reason anybody rational would call it the "best" would be if they limited the review to solely cameras introduced in 2013, based on msrp... Without looking at real world pricing and current availability.

I'd be hard pressed to recommend the A58 to anybody over the D3200, unless they are shooting lots of video.  But for someone primarily concerned with still photography, it would be very very hard for me to recommend the A58.

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