Get this: Sigma WILL produce a camera that beats the current DSLRs resolution wise. Locked

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Re: Since you are so brilliant . . .

I don't know if I should thank you for paying me what I hope is a compliment.  On the other hand if I blocked it, you would then suffer the slings and arrows of those who are sharp with the pen.

I personally would like to see people spending more time reviewing photographs posted, and more constructive criticism (as there are many who need it), rather  than arguing about hypotheticals and getting their testosterone levels raised.

That said, I will add my 2 cents about full-frame.  I don't see Sigma doing it for a while because they don't need to.   I doubt that many will switch from Sigma just because of lack of a FF dslr.  I doubt many will switch to Sigma just because of a FF.   In addition there are other reasons - cost being one.  Also lack of a full-frame wide-angle that would do a ff justice; 12-24 will not do the  job IMO.

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