Best Value DSLR - Sony A58

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Re: He called A58 "Best Value DSLR" not "DSLR Type"

Sony A58 is not a DSLR.  

Any Tom, Dick or Harry can put up a blog and award best this and that - it means squat.

Best value DSLR is arguably a used D7000 or 60D (have seen both for under £400 in the UK) but obviously that depends what you want and what you want it for.

Best value Sony DSLR is probably a used A580 if you can find one at a decent price (under £300).

The A58 is quite a lot of camera for the money though (as low as £259 new, body only or £299 with kit lens).  Paid a little less than that for my A37 this time last year but going rate was around £270 to £299 with kit lens and A58 is a minor upgrade on that (evf, screen, sensor).  The lack of a standard cable remote socket means I would probably never buy one though as I do a lot of tripod stuff.

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