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carljervis wrote:

FatColin wrote:

I am sure that the A58 is a lot of camera for the money (never really look at it closely) but I'm not sure that 'best of' compilation is particularly reliable.

For example:

  • Nikon D600 as the 'best prosumer camera' despite the fact that it has been replaced by the D610 to resolve the oil splatter problems that were reported on the D600.
  • The description of the Canon 70D ('Best high end DSLR') includes 'for the first time providing camcorder-like autofocus capabilities in a DSLR', even though the SLT design allows for video autofocus.
  • The description of the A58 describes it as one of the 'budget-friendly options for those who prefer traditional DSLRs'. Traditional DSLR? With an EVF and translucent mirror?

I'm always wary when a reviewer asserts that thing X is 'best'. The idea of 'best' can only properly relate to an individual, i.e. a certain camera is the best choice for an individual person in a specific situation for a specific task.

Strictly speaking, it's correct about the 70d, as they state "DSLR", whereas Sony offered far earlier fast af in video on "DSLT" models. That one letter is enough to quantify that point. If it had said "DSLR type" we could have bitten.

Yup, I wondered if they were being intentional in using DSLR there but they describe the A58 as 'Best value DSLR', which suggests to me that they aren't interested in (or not really aware of) the distinction.  I suspect it's a case of simply not looking beyond the Canon / Nikon marketing blurb / conventional wisdom.

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