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Time for your grade

yvind Strm wrote:

Rumors are rumors.

Excellent observation

Speculation is speculation.

Excellent observation

History is history. And this is where we need to look.

Excellent observation

Sigma WILL announce a camera that beats the new Sony and the D800/E resolution wise. It will be FF, with the same sensor density as with the SD1. They will not announce it before they have total control of the production costs.

Rumor and speculation

HOPEFULLY they have improved noise and high ISO. HOPEFULLY they spec it with faster processing, and a really deep buffer. HOPEFULLY it will have tethered, live view and video.

Wishful thinking

History lesson: In the end of 2008, after Sigma had acquired Foveon, Sigma and Foveon executives sat down and predicted where the industry (dSLR) would be two years from then, and then designed a camera that would beat the market, for announcement on Photokina 2010. Foveon had developed a more dense sensor (for us in mobile phones). All they needed was to enlarge the design and put it in a new camera. They succeeded - almost.

Grade: D- Almost completely incorrect information with the exception of what is obvious (announcement at photokina 2010 as one example). Otherwise, speculation filled with errors.

At Photokina 2010 they announced the SD1, a camera with better resolution than any other DSLR at that time, and set an incredible low price expectation. Everything was set for the biggest success of all times for Sigma. Many people had their cards ready, me included.

Grade: C- How do you define resolution? No citation. The price announced was not incredibly low but rather reasonable and within the targeted competition range.

Unfortunately, they ran into production problems and were forced to announce a initial price of USD 9700. People were furious, especially because Sigma did not tell why at that time.

Grade: F Completely incorrect with the exception of the price range. No citation on the production problems claim, for instance. (Hint: you will not find one either.)

Unfortunately, when they had solved the production problem, and announced the SD1 on PMA 2012, Nikon announced the D800/E, at about 1/3 of the initial SD1 price and close to the new SD1M price.

Grade: F Obvious observation. Since there was no production problem to correct, there was nothing that was solved.

Very bad luck, if they had been able to deliver, with the initial price from march 2011, they would have had the scene alone for almost a year. And sold in buckets.

The rest is complete fluff, speculation and rumor mongering.

Its two points in this:

1. Sigma plans ahead. They foresaw the competitors development. Even while they developed the SD1, plans were laid for expanding the line upwards. The current sensor is from 2008, and still used in all cameras. Does anyone think Foveon has been sitting on their hands since 2008? For five years? Of course not. Yes, they have made a great effort with the DPxMs. But of course they have a new sensor (if not anything else, a FF version of the current sensor, with better high ISO) and a new camera. I suppose the original plan was to announce a FF in 2012. But:

2. With the SD1, Sigma choose to deliver the camera at the announced time, hopefully to leave the history of massive delays of SD14 and SD15 behind. With SD1, they got virtually no sale, because of a high price. In retrospect, they should have stopped production until they had control. They will never again release a camera before they have total control of production costs, no matter how much delayed it will be.

Why haven´t we seen the SD-FF yet? I think its because they are facing challenges, and want to control these before announcing a SD-FF.

Or, the competition made an unforeseen jump with the 36MP sensor, so the SD-FF would not make a needed leap, and they need to skip a generation.

For those thinking Sigma is leaving DSLR, I think they are not. They are a lens company, with ambitions for becoming a player on the DSLR market, with a larger range of cameras. The DP range has always been meant to lure people into the SD segment. They sell so few that the line itself is meaningless.

Photokina 2014: SD-FF. (I predicted 3x15MP before Photkina 2010, so mark my words.)

If I recall correctly, this is also wrong.

There will be no 4/3 camera from Sigma at this time.


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