First impressions GM1: wow

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First impressions GM1: wow

No question this is a winner.

IQ is fantastic.  Pictures are realistic and not dayglow bright.  On iPhoto the Raws don't show yet, just the jpegs, as it is a new camera.

The default movie mode is not good for iPhoto, one has to change it.

First of all getting rid of the two lug strap holders in order to put just a wrist handle ... those were tight.

Everything about the GM1 is tight.  Tight camera.  Tight kit lens.

Feels like quality but also like jewelry.  Like winding your Rolex.  But note the Rolex knob, while small, is kurnled and firm to hold.  And after you wind it 50 times your fingers know it.  That is how the GM1 feels: small, firm, quality and pointy.

Yet the buttons are normal size and the screen standard.  When you pick it up, it feels weightless.  It is ready to go in your jacket pocket.

It is a social camera.  Nobody will give it a second look.  Unlike the X100 at a party, where you will notice its weight and drag on your jacket pocket and when you pull it out people will look and think: "Is he an enthusiast?  A photographer?  A nerd?"  No, with the GM1 it looks like a P&S.

When you hold it a lot of sharp angles caress your fingers.  The shutter wheel has a sharply kurnled finish you feel on its top.  The PASM wheel hurts to change.  The lens release button is also sharply kurnled.  The edges of the camera are sharp.  When you hold the GM1 you are holding it all inside your cupping hand.  Your fingers and palm are all around the small, light, sharp camera.  It feels secure.  Not like those roundish P&S Nikons like liquid metal.  Like the Canon S90 that was silk and falling out of the hand.  No the GM1 cannot be dropped.  It is more like a Canon S110 but pointier.  Of course put a wrist safety on it!

I put the GM1 aside for the comforts of the Ricoh GR for a few seconds.  The kurnl finish around the GR knobs is subtle and easy on the fingers.  The GR is like holding a smooth fish in your hand.  The GR is like holding a fat girlfriend's smooth hand.

On the GM1 the finish is sharp.  You are not gonna drop the GM1 without drawing blood.  It will draw blood on the way out of the hand in the last grasp.  It will be stopped.  That is a good thing.

It yields ISO 3200 with no noise I saw and chooses nice speeds like 1/27 and 1/50 with sharp results. The flash took in a room of 25 feet with no problem.

My favorite: you can hold the flash with your finger towards the ceiling and bounce it.  No flash pain, no redeye.  (A little careful, if you hold it back too tight it begins to hide into its enclosure and the flash disable icon appears.  Just hold it towards you, not towards down into the camera.)

I put the 20mm 1.7 on it.  Looks great.  Commands a secret competent feeling and look.  It means very serious business.  I believe the 20mm on the GM1 bests the Ricoh GR and the Nikon A and the X100.

The GM1 jpegs are great.

The menus are good but a manual read will help discover secrets.  The touch screen focuses the lens instantly.  Focus is perfect.  It is an almost completely silent camera, does not have a shutter noise like other m4/3.  The GX7 is loud and the metal makes clanging noises.  The GM1 is silent.  It is silent, between the Nikon A and the Ricoh GR.  Like a Fuji X100.

It feels ready to go out with you at all times.  The E-PL5 was 2 ounces and an inch too big.  This one will travel with you.

The options on the PASM wheel besides the PASM will do interesting things.  In terms of IQ and WB.

There is only one adjustment wheel and things are clear.  When you press Fn it brings the WiFi menus on.

The one thing you will miss is the respect of looking like a photographer.  Nobody will respect your DSLR hulk and step aside.  No they will think you pulled out a P&S and leave you in your place in the line.

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