Will a 24-85 VR lens play well with a D800?

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Re: Will a 24-85 VR lens play well with a D800?

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It doesn't test well at all: http://www.photozone.de/nikon_ff/770-nikkorafd2485ff?start=1 I can only imagine that its shortcomings would be all too apparent on my D800.

It tests better on other sites (e.g., see tests at cameralabs). However, there is general agreement that it suffers from soft corners

Cameralabs makes everything look rosy. My experience closely parallels Photozone.

Perhaps. But for a Polyanna website they were quite critical of the 24-120mm borders pointing to the 24-85 as a better performer at 85mm.

"Compare these border-crops to the results from the Nikon AF-S 24-85/3.5-4.5G VR to see what a well defined roof should look like." Cameralabs

They continue

"At 120mm the mushy borders continue to disappoint"

Imagine how critical of the 24-120 they  would have been if they weren't being so rosy.

It's a pretty noteworthy when a review site  directs a reader to consider the 24-85 for better border performance!

By the way, my experience parallels that of Cameralabs.  We could rehash sample variation (perhaps you and Photozone received poor copies) and different testing methods (Cameralabs, and I, test at infinity as well as with test charts), but those topics have been thoroughly beaten to death.

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