What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

Bajerunner wrote:

I aint an expert, but does rather seem that the options are to compromise on fps and get either D800 or Df, the Df may have marginally better low light but the D800 has so much more Mp'S for cropping in sports, that would be my thought.

I've rented a D800 - not my cup of tea for shooting sports. I want the full frame for lower noise but 36MP files and 4fps aren't what I feel like spending $3k on for sports. Not a good fit in any way.

In the Df, the 5.5fps and the lower AF part don't make it look like action is what they were going for. With the 16MP sensor, they could have done as much as 9fps with EXPEED 3, but they chose to stick with something even slower than D610 and D7100 and a lower AF part than even the D7100. Odd choice to not at least make it go the same 6fps, but it certainly means they weren't trying to attract action shooters.

Only other alternatives that wont break the bank are a used D3 or D700.

Value wise, a great condition used D700 does seem the obvious choice, for about 1,600. Cannot get much cheaper than that.

The D700 is my leaning. Slightly tempted by D3s for a bit better high ISO, more fps and better AF. Just feeling out what folks think the advantages are of other choices.

In summary, either cut fps and D800 gives 'extra rreach' by cop ability or cut some cost and keep fps and get D700.

Remember, cropping costs you high ISO goodness. By the time you crop a D800 to a DX crop, you basically have D7100 sensor performance with fewer pixels and a smaller viewfinder and almost 3x the price tag. Kind of a waste if this is the main thing you're doing with it.

That is how I see it. Last option is Pentax K3 at 1,300 but the lenses would be the issue there, unless you are happy with just Sigma 70-200 2.8.

I'm hoping that the Pentax K-3 spurs Nikon and Canon into action for high-end DX as it has the interesting specs, but not compatible with my glass or glass I'm willing to switch to.

Honestly, push me to the wire now and I think I would go for the D800, as it has those MP's, save me money on lenses (rcrop reach). One f4 long prime is way past 1,000 and a D800 is just the same 1,000 more than a used D700.

A D800 really just isn't ideal for long reach sports. And, if you crop it, you lose a bunch of high ISO goodness and have to deal with a small viewfinder and low fps. I've rented one and given it a try and it did not suit my needs.

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