Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

Tom Caldwell wrote:

So we all agree to stop worrying quite as much about it?

I'm keeping my attention on it because I've seen real examples of lenses that performed sub-par when mounted too near the sensor, and then better when mounted at the correct distance. I'm not saying all lens designs behave like that, but some designs do.

Regarding the post I linked to above -- if the technically correct width of an M-to-E adapter is 9.80 mm, should 9.72 be considered acceptable?

How much +/- can Sony's e-mount be from perfect 18mm?

In any case, Voightlander told me: if you're focusing past infinity, return the adapter, and so I did.

Lastly: I think it's certainly possible for less expensive adapters to nail the 9.80 mm distance -- I'm not arguing for spending the most possible -- but I (speaking for me) would prefer correct infinity with lenses that have a hard infinity stop. I'm just as happy to try the Fotodiox Pro that several people seem to like as I am the Novoflex -- I just want something that feels well-built, and nails infinity.

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