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Re: Get this: Sigma WILL produce a camera that beats the current DSLRs resolution wise.

Omexis wrote:

Well I would like to think that is the future, I agree patents don't mean much, but if Sigma can do it, then why can't others?

The theory, among the Foveon/Sigma fans, is that a big company cannot do it, simply because an invention like Foveon would be stopped within a big company directly. It has too many disadvantages and would therefore not be an option. There is some merit to that theory, except ... they might decide to do it nevertheless.

The major risk, for Sigma, would be if someone invents a three layer sensor, without the disadvantages of Foveon sensors. A sensor that detects RGB instead of X3 colors, and that is just as good (or better) as Bayer sensors at high ISO, which do not suck big loads of energy from the battery. Etc, etc, ..

Such an invention. Within a big company, or as a startup, would just make Foveon obsolete over night.

And actually, such a sensor is what I am hoping for, and I assume many more.

Another threat would be gigapixel CFA sensor, not necessary Bayer, with some clever way of doing downsampling on chip to a nice number of output pixels. Then Foveon would have no advantages either.

But, it is probably some time before such a thing might happen. Until then, Sigma will continue to try to make some kind of success with their Foveon cameras.

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