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Re: Get this: Sigma WILL produce a camera that beats the current DSLRs resolution wise.

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Omexis wrote:

1. Sigma do their own thing. The other manufacturers have already patented "Foveon" style sensors if rumors are correct and it won't be long until the others follow suit.

Others follow suit... with more patents that never lead to real products? How frightening for Sigma to compete against cameras that never ship and other people's random ideas of how to make a layered sensor that have never seen a production line or real world image capture.

Well I would like to think that is the future, I agree patents don't mean much, but if Sigma can do it, then why can't others?

2. Yes that was bad, due to sensor manufacturing defects, I guess low yield and possibly try to recuperate R&D costs bumped the price up, but I guess sigma had to start to sell the camera to generate profit, once the defects were worked out they could lower the price, but it put potential people off from buying it.

Nope (well the price being bad part was accurate, the rest totally baseless speculation that makes no sense given public facts).

What part was not accurate? and what public facts?

I truly hope sigma release something spectacular, but I am doubtful. I think sigma should release a full frame Foveon to get a head start, because I imagine the others will in due time.

I don't know if they will make a FF or not - but they don't need to introduce a FF, just more lenses like the 18-25 f/1.8 that give you the same kind of DOF and focal length you would get from a FF camera, and a big overhaul of the SD-1 that adds live view and improves image capture speed.

Agreed, but a full frame would be nice, I've never delved into FF yet, and I would like sigma to be my first

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