Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

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Re: Fotodiox x Novoflex x Voigtlander: M-mount adapter cagematch

Mel Snyder wrote:

shadowhumper wrote:

I am in the market for an adapter for my A7r. I have two M-Mount Voigtlanders and I am considering buying some Zeiss as well but I am not sure which adapter to buy

  • Voigtlander: seems to be the "perfect" one since it lists which lenses are tested with it. But price is the sore point
  • Novoflex: Has a good build reputation but seems waaaay over priced.
  • Fotodiox Pro: the cheapest of them all but I don't know about their qualities

I know some of yous around here have some of them and I would like to get some feedback in build quality between them and if it is really worth buying a Voigtlander instead of Fotodiox and vice versa.

There's another thread on the forum on the same subject. There seems to be just a few - perhaps, just one - Chinese manufacturer of the adapters sold by Fotodiox and others. I have 3 M mount, 1 LTM mount, 1 Nikon G and 2 Canon FD adapters that all look to be of similar manufacture. The Canon and Nikon types are more expensive ($30-40) because they have the ability to manually stop down these lenses.

All worked perfectly except for the LTM model; my Canon 135mm f3.5 rangefinder lens would not reach infinity on that one. A $20 adjustment of the lens by a local camera shop fixed that for me. It must have been a lens issue, because my other Leica and Canon thread mount lenses all work perfectly on the LTM Fotodiox adapter.

It's your money. I would buy a Fotodiox and test it, if I were you. If you're as pleased as I am, you can buy one for each lens, as I did.

Well put Mel

I hope that this thread has not gone the "usual" way - that you can only "trust" the very expensive impeccable brands.

There are several comments I should add  about what truly matters beyond the brand name on the device

1) that good base materials are used

2) that they do not focus before infinity

3) that both lens and adapter mount snugly - not to tight and certainly never loose

4) that the machined alignment is correct - testing this is surely done be the technical gods as the everyman surely would not know whether precise alignment exists

As for the first three everyone owning a camera could determine this in a matter of moments and the last is not easy to determione by anyone without some sort of fanaticism.  Such fanaticism surely must mean that only the most expensive will do.  But I point out that Chinese industry is now using the very latest CNC repetitive machinery operated by trained intelligent operatives.   If they are using sub-standard materials then the market will punish them.  If the adapter focuses slightly before infinity then this is designed in and not a manufacturing fault.  The manufacturer does this as a deliberate act as they cannot pre-determine every faulty focus lens that might be used on them.  For those that use impeccable expensive lenses with always-perfect infinity focus then an expensive adapter might well allow them to carelessly slap the focus ring on to infinity for perfect infinity every time with assuredness.  I am not excusing lack of perfect infinity focus by an adapter but I am well aware that many lenses themself have problems - but it is always the cheap adapter that must be wrong.

But in the end it is quite simple - if you want to pay a lot of money for an adapter that you can "trust" - then go for it, you should be able to trust it.  If you want to take a (usually good) chance then buy a cheap adapter, one for every lens is more possible than one expensive adapter for each lens.  If the adapter you buy fails tests 1-3 then tell us about it

There is always an amount of self-justification in owning a very expensive product in the assuredness that having bought it then it must be good, loosely coupled to the envy from those who could not afford "such stuff".

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