About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

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Re: About this 60D isn't a semi-pro cam BS...

rickyred wrote:

I have the 60D and 7D . I view the 7D as a great all around camera., due to the superb AF system. Can do everything well. Canon could have put a better AF in the 60D. What I have read, the 70D has a decent AF system. I agree that at least up to the 7D, should have a flip screen. P.S I have some great pictures of BIFS taken with my 7D, that I never could get with my 60D.

Are you banging this old drum again? Yes the 7D is a great camera but so is the 60D.

Why would or should canon have put a different AF system into the 60D? The 60D came fairly closely on the heals of the 7D and the 7D was a step up from the X0D line with its main attribute being a brand new AF system. So given that, there was no way Canon was going to put the 7D focussing system into the 60D. Instead they used the same tried and true system already working well in the 40D and 50D (with probably a few tweaks). Now, several years later, the 70D arrives.  It arrives several years later and after many are starting to question where canon is going with its crop sensor line given the very long wait for a new 7DII (which still no one can say for sure will even arrive), so its only natural that we are seeing some trickle down of 7D AF into the X0D line.

So again there was no problem with the 60D AF. The 60D had the same basic AF layout as the 40D and 50D before it and people have been using those cameras for ages to take plenty of great BIF and action shots. The complaints and disappointment voiced at the 60D when it was released were mainly linked to its move to more plastic in the body and the loss of MFA. The AF was just fine. Maybe the problem you experienced was behind the camera, not the camera itself?

But maybe you should reread your own thread back here first. Others explained it to you there as well.


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