Film vs. modern sensors (foveon part)

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Sebastiao Salgado Genesis

What would you say to photographers who maintain that digital photography will never match the quality of analogue?

Previously, if you had an enlarger, to get a perfect print was very difficult. And today, well, you can have a perfect print from digital. What for me is a little bit scary, is just how realistic it is that these images will stay around forever. If you store them on hard disks, will they be accessible for a long time? So at this moment we create negatives for the most important pictures that I make with digital. We have a very nice process to transform an image into a negative in order to be able to store it. Because with negatives I’m 100% sure we can store the image for a very long time. But, the digital system is still in total evolution. The cameras that I use, I started using very recently. We started in digital in 2008. Compared with the camera I used in 2008, the cameras that just have come out now are three times better in terms of quality than before, the quality that exists now is must better. For me one thing digital is fabulous for is low light shooting. I lose probably 95% of everything I shoot in very low light. And because I normally photographed people, and people move, to get a really strong picture I must shoot with the light is available. You cannot ask a person to stop while you put up your tripod for a portrait. I lose a lot of my pictures in this way. But today with digital you can shoot at such high sensibility. The potential for changing the behaviour of the camera and lens is incredible and in very very low light that gives you incredible opportunity. If I’d had this at the beginning of my life as a photographer, I tell you I’d have an incredible amount of nice pictures that I’ve lost. I’m very happy with the digital process, I believe that on average it’s much better in quality than analogue. It involves less pollution, because we don’t release chemicals from developing paper or a negative into the water system. We don’t have any more problems with x-rays in airports, which became hell for photographers. And the results now are fabulous. I’m very very happy with the results.

The whole interview of Salgado is here :

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