Any reasons to turn ISIS off on EM1?

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Re: Any reasons to turn ISIS off on EM1?

Max Pegler wrote:

local novice wrote:

I have read people who advocate turning IBIS off with high shutter speeds (1/1000 or faster). I have tried it either way and it does not seem to make too much difference. I wonder what others think.

There's not going to be a lot of camera shake at those speeds. The manual as ever is unhelpful here, and just documents the two situations IBIS should be used.

One of which is long focal lengths. High shutter speeds & long focal lengths go hand in hand, so I've always had IBIS on with those long lenses to get a stop or two advantage.


Max P

Have found shooting moving subjects with tele lenses in good light that I get best results with high shutter speeds and IS turned off. The challenge is learning where the crossover is and honestly, that's a matter of parsing lots of photos, itdentifying the sharpest, and replicating the settings. I don't know for a fact that the IBIS can actually soften the image but my very sharpest results occur with it off. e.g., with a 212mm I try to keep the speed at or above 1/2500 and don't use IBIS.

It can be devilishly hard to distinguish between camera shake and motion blur. I'm pretty stoked at Oly adding a 1/8000 shutter to the E-P1 and E-M1, because you can pretty much banish motion blur with those speeds.



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