And people think M43 has no future!

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Re: And people think M43 has no future!

mferencz wrote:

Maybe you need a lesson in absurdity, or appreaciating it at least, because your all to serious about somebody mocking a white camera. Point is if this was a Panasonic camera you would have stayed all nestled in your Canon forum. So don't pretend this is some human/camera rights issue and your Nelson Mandela of dpreview. White like a toilet is funny. Lighten up. C'mon give it a try first.. C'mon... There we go. Your babystepping.

First, I dont really vist the Canon forum much at all. In fact it's almost never.

Second, I found the thread in the list of popular/active threads on the home page as did many others. In fact Canon wasn't even mentioned in the thread title so your implication that people came here to defend Canon is laughable.  They saw another M43 thread with an attention garbing title and decided to check it out.  That it was such an absurd post claiming that releasing one white camera in a market that likes that color some somehow means M43's future is more secure than Canon's is the reason they felt compelled to respond.  It's so ridiculous some people just had to point it out.   Again it is only human nature. For myself  I only commented because I genuinely liked the colors of the camera and it was the first time I had seen a picture of it.

Third, I never said anything about human rights, just human nature which are two different things.

Fourth, What is or is not funny is subjective, usually using "LOL" or a smiley face is the proper way to indicate humor on an internet forum where facial expressions and voice tones which are strong indicators of sarcasm and/or levity can not be communicated.

Fifth, comparing something with a toilet is indisputably generally thought of as a way to disparage it.

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