Any reasons to turn ISIS off on EM1?

Started Nov 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Any reasons to turn IBIS off on EM1?

Jean Luke wrote:

Is there any special reason, why it is recommended to turn it off, when the camera is on a tripod?

Image stabilization is designed to counteract camera motion based on two things: magnification due to the focal length of the lens in use and the average frequency and amplitude of the motion of human musculature.

Cameras on a fixed support also have motion, but the motion is typically of a very different frequency and amplitude range compared to human musculature. So it is possible that the IS system might try to correct motion which is out of range of its design and cause some blurring as a consequence. This only happens occasionally, however.

The other factor should be considered too: magnification. IS systems are NOT designed to handle every possible magnification. They handle the useful majority of averages. So when you're doing macro work at high magnifications (1:4 or greater is my rule of thumb), you should certainly turn off IS and use a sturdy camera support for the sharpest possible results.

"My sharpest lens is a sturdy tripod."

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