So who was 4/3 originally aimed at?

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Re: Abraham, all you have proven is....

Marty4650 wrote:

...that a very talented photographer can get great results with any capable system.

Thanks Marty. I appreciate the compliment.

You are that very talented photographer, and M4/3 is that capable system.

But I honestly think your results would be just as good, and perhaps even better, if someone handed you an APSC or FF camera.

Interestingly enough at any given time there are reasons and elements that help... Live View was missing from my a850 (which I bought for the high MP then sold) but the lack of live view and the single cross type sensor made focusing quite difficult on products.

Now most/all cameras have live view, but the EM1 has me interested due to the live view feed to a tablet. When working a product, adjusting lights etc. We have to move back to the camera over and over take a text shot, review etc. Even tether to a computer there is a limit to the freedom. However holding a tablet and seeing your adjustments in real time, taking the shot and without moving a step looking at the results saves my back and a lot of time

The interesting thing about FF (the APSC systems are too limited for me in terms of lens selection) was the size of the whole setup. When I go to a clients location to shoot something and have to cart along lenses, lights etc. with my old FF system I had a large backpack to carry the camera (plus backup) and 3 lenses with some other odds and ends... Then I had my lights, tripods cables modifiers and so on. Now my cameras and lenses fit in a tiny shoulder sling which saves one trip to and from the car and when climbing all over a clients location to get a good angle a smaller lighter setup makes my like much much easier (as does the tilt screen for framing).

Light output is another though. To get the most out of the larger system one needs more light. If you are bringing the light and need deeper DoF (as most commercial work does) then you are working with higher powered lights (or using higher isos and actually losing IQ such as DR and colour fidelity on the FF setup). So the smaller system would be at ISO 200 and f5.6 and why lights would be at say half power... but the bigger system would be at ISO 200 and F11 and I would need more light... Or use higher ISOs, and while noise may be similar there are other issues.

Sometimes we overlook the multitude of conveniences for a variety of applications, even the ability to now take even more control of the Jpeg output would mean that for a more "documentary" shoot for a client I do even less PP when I spend a bit more time setting up.

Because you are an extremely talented photographer, and there is no doubt about that.

Thanks again, but my point was merely describing gear as a "failure" when it is perfectly capable of doing the job seems inappropriate, that word should probably be reserved for the photographer.

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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