Surprised no one has posted this before..

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Re: Surprised no one has posted this before..

Brian wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Brian wrote:

It is sad to see animals killed. Sorry, but I have no qualms with a hunter protecting himself while hunting.

Well, that is a pretty asinine thing to say don't you think?

No, I think it is obvious that if your are going to hunt, you protect yourself

Hunting for sustenance isn't the same as trophy hunting. You are equating the two as a deflection. Why can't you just debate the topic without trying to re frame it into something it is not about?

A hunter protecting himself while hunting? The whole idea of hunting is to kill things. If you don't intend to kill things, you won't be hunting, and won't need to protect yourself.

I hunted many years growing up in Montana. Hunted deer and elk. both very beautiful creatures and both very tasty. I don't find a thrill in the kill not at all and am sad that I took a life. But unless you are a vegetarian, you have absolutely no leg to stand on. If you eat a hamburger you are taking a life.

I'm not trophy hunting cows, and apparently you weren't trophy hunting elk. Are you saying this lion killer took home a few hundred pounds of meat, or donated it to local charities? Are you saying this trophy hunter was hunting for any reason other than the thrill of offing some animal?

Really? Is this what you are saying? Please stick to the topic, which is this particular hunter, not you, not some Eskimo, but the hunter in the OP.

All that said top predators from time to time have to be killed to prevent destruction of human life and their animals.

Are you also saying that this particular lion had to be killed because it was predating humans? Since lions kill animals to eat, it's hardly fair to kill it for doing what it needs to do to survive unless it is killing people, or perhaps their cattle.

Do you have citations at hand showing that this particular lion was in the habit of taking down small children, women and boys? Please, I am interested in seeing your evidence that this paricular lion had to be killed, and I would like to know why they had to hire an American trophy hunter to come in and do the killing.

Please enlighten us, and please, stay on topic while doing so. I will call you out on deflections, and I will not accept deflection as an argument. So far, you have not made a case at all, everything you have said has been with the intent of deflecting away from the topic.

Again, the topic is about a particular trophy hunter killing a particular lion. It's not about abortion, it's not about hunting elk for sustenance, and it's not about predator control. If you can't frame an argument within the confines of the topic, you don't have an argument, you just have bluster and a love of reading what you write.

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