Fuji X10 HDR & Fast photo

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Re: Fuji X10 HDR & Fast photo

Trevor G wrote:

cantanima wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

There's no need to bracket if you shoot RAW+.

Yes, there is. It's basic mathematics: once a photosite's capacity is full, no amount of postprocessing a raw file will give you that data back. Bracketing allows one to obtain more information.

Shooting EXR DR400 at 0EV tends to prevent highlight blowout (or, as you put it, filling a photosite's capacity to full). Even my difficult railway station shots show that.

Shadows, sir, shadows: read what I write and think about it.

BTW Is there an HDR program that can read Fuji EXR RAWs?

Not directly, but one can extract RAW information into TIFFs and play with them in many HDR files. This is why I wrote originally, ...this combination actually gives you six shots, which you can extract using dcraw, and should give you more to work with. A sufficiently motivated user with time on her or his hands could probably convert dcraw's extraction information to a plugin for, e.g., Luminance. I have neither the time nor the motivation.

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